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This is a legally recognised Dutch non-profit charity registered in The Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce KvK 01122228.


This charity supports animal rescue centres in Spain and Portugal as well as in The Netherlands. They receive abandoned animals from rescue centres in these countries with the aim of rehoming them.


The van they travel in is used to transport donated goods such as pet food, pet accessories, pet pharmaceutical products, towels and blankets, 2nd hand building materials etc. donated by 3rd parties, in order to be distributed to 3rd parties running the rescue centres in above mentioned countries.


It is also used to transport abandoned pets from these countries to The Netherlands for adoption. All animals are bearers of valid Dutch/EU petpassports.


APF work in partnership with well-known abandoned animal rescue associations in Portugal such as PRAVI, ADAP and APAA among others.


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Abandoned Pets Foundation Tel. 0646606551                          Email:
Rabobank nummer
t.n.v. Abandoned Pets Foundation

Kvk nr.01122228